Entry #1

Hi! Can anyone help me with this?

2008-06-22 10:40:30 by kalmathehedgehog

I'm new with Flash, and I learnt all I know by touching random buttons. I've posted one of my first flashes in this site, which I see perfectly in my computer...

... the problem is that in Newgrounds, the music is really messed up, and doesn't go well with the video!

Why does it happen? How can I fix it? I worked a lot in that flash, and now that I submit it, it doesn't work correctly!

Please can you help me? ^^


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2008-06-22 11:00:25

Have you tried setting sync to 'stream'?

kalmathehedgehog responds:

What does it mean? How can I do that? ^^; I'm sorry but I use the Spanish version of flash, so the tools havent the same name. If you could take a little bit of your time to expain it to me, please, I'd be really glad ^^


2008-06-22 12:01:11

try out the flash work out collection, you should find what you're looking for there

kalmathehedgehog responds:

Thank you very much for the tip! I'll do it ^^


2008-06-23 07:33:23

hai can i be one of your friends im also on devaint art